Negative Feedback?

I saw a piece that started, “Negative Feedback hurts.”

I’ve always been of the opinion that there is no such thing as “negative feedback.” The speaker may be telling me something I don’t care to hear or disagree with but the fact that the person is telling me these things is a gift. If it’s my manager, she’s doing her job and while nobody likes hearing where they may have fallen short or need to improve, I need to consider this as Constructive Feedback and say, “Thank you” and determine how to use this gift.

If I decide that the feedback is “negative”, it’s too easy for me to ignore. If someone is being malicious, okay, that’s slander or gossip, not feedback. Feedback is meant to improve or at least contribute to the improvement.

When someone offers you feedback, will you be willing and ready to accept the gift? I hope so, because they’re doing you a favor. As Ben Franklin said, “Love your enemies for they shall tell you all your faults.”

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6 thoughts on “Negative Feedback?

  1. Adding comments I’ve received on other social media: “Completely agreed. The manner in which feedback is given is very important – making sure the time and place is appropriate – but feedback is a gift and the provider should be thanked. Thanks for sharing
    By Beth, SPHR”

  2. Adding comments I’ve received on other social media: “I subscribe to the view that feedback is just feedback, It can not be negative if it changes or improves a situation or performance – there is feedback delivered poorly which can be a negative experience!
    By Steve”

  3. Adding comments I’ve received on other social media: “People that love and care about you give you feedback. If and when it hurts – the sooner you make the corrections the better. Any other feedback you can happily reject. You will know how to tell the difference. Malicious peole work/talk behind your back. Face to face is the only feedback you should trust.
    By Christina”

  4. Adding comments I’ve received on other social media: “Ron–The best feedback I got during an exit interview of a job I was leaving by choice was “learn to stop working so hard and start working smarter.”

  5. Feedback can take on the tone that you make it. Feedback is feedback. If you have developed relationships with your personnel that are positive (based on trust) and you have established the ground rules upfront (accountability, proper training, consequences, follow- up, etc) then the feedback should be view as nothing more than coaching. If the situation has deteriorated beyond the initial corrective coaching and is now into a disciplinary mode, these ground rules become imperative and no less important. If you have not done the proper “relationship” nurturing with your personnel these types of issues will always be present.

    • You’ve got that right Gary! Trust and accountability (among other rules) are key to effective coaching and ensuring that the feedback is seen as coaching, not “negative.” Thanks for your thoughts! Ron

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