Ron Katz

"The program was energetic and passionate. This program renewed my energy for my job and my career."
-Tom Jones, Novar Controls

"He is just Awesome!"
-Maria Colarosa, DDI

"Ron again delivered an amazing (and entertaining!) workshop."
-Jennifer Swenning, DDI

"The best instructor I've ever had. I look forward to attending more of his workshops."
-Dorothy Stewart, Suffolk National Bank

"Thank you for an excellent use of my valuable time."
-Charlene O'Connor, VP, M&T Bank

"Katz Rules! I have seen the future of consulting and his name is Ron Katz!"
-Michael Sullivan, Simplex-Grinnell

"Fantastic, fun, knowledgable and enthusiastic. He makes you want to learn."
-Erin Martinez, Summit Bank

"You were the perfect lead-off speaker. You set the tone and the group built on your momentum."
-Tom Connors, VP, Organization Resource Counselors, Inc.

"It doesn't get any better than Ron."
-Gary Clifford, Pratt & Whitney

"Ron has a unique talent for sharing knowledge."
-Jeanette Dowdell, Republic National Bank

" are an excellent presenter! You encouraged our input and participation and you've got a terrific sense of humor. Thank you."
-Frances Lamburini, TransUnion