Is your manager providing Cover?

A question crossed my desk¬†recently. What do employees really want from their managers? ¬†What employees want most from their managers is COVER. No, I don’t mean they want their managers to cover for them, or to cover up their mistakes (that’s how we learn).

Employees want COVER, as in:
Clarity: defined, achievable objectives
Opportunity: to grow and develop their skills
Variety: don’t ask them to do the same rote tasks forever
Empowerment: allow them to do their jobs and don’t micro-manage
Resources: to get the job done whether that means time, money or people

When managers provide COVER to their employees, they’re freed to do their best work in a positive environment. Employees want to know that managers have their backs. They don’t want to feel like they have to watch their back.
The bottom line is this: people work a lot harder if they feel they are working with someone rather than just for them.
So managers, do you provide cover for your employees?

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