The Cost of No Courage? You’d be amazed!

Did you know there’s a quantifiable cost of bad management? And it’s a lot of money.

According to Forbes and Michelle McQuaid poor management is costing the U.S.
economy $360 billion
in lost productivity each year. Bad bosses can destroy your health, undermine your success and cost your employer money. Those are three pretty strong reasons to advocate for more courage when managing people.


Let’s face it, no manager does the job alone. The very basis of being a manager means you’re working with people. So let’s find ways to get better at doing this, and it starts with showing more courage and a willingness to figure out the best ways to manage the people who are critical to a manager’s success. When it comes to managing, one size definitely does not fit all. You don’t get to manage the way you want to manage, you have to manage the way your people need to be managed.

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