Be a Star? No, she wants to be a Rockette!

Being a star gives you one kind of thrill. Karen Ziemba has starred in numerous Broadway shows. And yet as you see in this clip, what she really wants is to be a Rockette. To be part of a team. And not just any team, she wants to be one of the best.

One of the best ways to motivate your people is to offer the chance to be part of a respected, high functioning team. People want to associate with the best, because that’s how most people see themselves.

You can motivate people to do their best, give even more than they think they’re capable of giving and accomplish superior results by giving them a chance to work with the best people in your organization. After a taste of working with staff at the highest level of your organization — and I mean expertise, not necessarily hierarchy — your employees will want to continue to associate and team with those people.

Use the power, the attraction, of the team to motivate superior performance. Watch people raise their game and dedicate even more of their talents to your company because they’ve been exposed to and given the opportunity to work with the best people you have. The added benefit is that soon you’ll find that you have more of these high functioning people to team with and motivate the rest of your staff. Teamwork can actually become a cornerstone of your organization’s culture as staff work harder to maintain that reputation of being one of the best. Nobody wants to fall out of step and everyone will be smiling and kicking just like the Rockettes. And what they’ll be kicking is your competition’s butt!

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