Would You Do This?

Stepping away from tales of courage for a moment, this falls into another category, I’ll let you decide which.

I saw a story in HRExecutive about people getting tattoos of their company logo. Now I’m not one for tattoos in the first place, but really? In this day and age I question the wisdom of getting any company’s logo permanently etched on my body. Maybe I’ve counseled too many people who’ve been told their positions have been eliminated but haven’t these people heard that the days of lifetime employment are over?

In the article it does say getting the ink is not mandatory or even necessarily encouraged. But there are monetary incentives for doing it at one company. At another the people feel that showing their commitment enhances the likelihood that they’ll be with that company for the long haul.

I can’t say what the managers at those companies¬†are thinking, but I doubt that having the company logo on your body would persuade me to keep you if your performance didn’t merit it.

So please weigh in on what you’d do. Would you consider getting branded with your company’s logo? Is doing this a savvy strategy to keep your job or close to crazy in the current business environment? I’m looking forward to reading your opinion.

Only the best,

You can also cut and paste this URL into your browser if the link above doesn’t work. http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/view/story.jhtml?id=534357248&ss=Indelible+commitment