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Strategic Staffing and Succession Management

Penguin Human Resource Consulting LLC

According to surveys, "finding qualified staff to fill positions" is one of the greatest concerns facing organizations today. As Boomers plan their exit and Millennials craft their careers, staffing professionals need to create strategies that tap into the myriad sources for talent. The most successful organizations today are those that inspire loyalty and are able to "grow their own" next generation of managers. Organizations that are able to instill organizational commitment in their employees will have a prepared and dedicated cadre of managers ready to move up when needed.

Strategic Staffing and Succession Management is an interactive workshop in which participants will learn ways to identify high potential staff and develop them so that they are poised to succeed. Exercises focus on linking staffing strategies with the bottom line; recognizing skill gaps in your current workforce; determining strategies to close those gaps; and identifying staffing strategies consistent with your organization's culture. This program benefits both human resource professionals and managers responsible for effectively staffing their departments.

Key Topics:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will have a clearer understanding of their role in managing staffing and succession within their organization. They will be equipped with the tools to effectively manage transitions in the workplace.