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"What's a Manager To Do? Manage!"

Accelerated Performance Management Today

Penguin Human Resource Consulting LLC

Today's workplace is no longer organized around a static chain of command. Managers are expected to accomplish more, often with fewer resources. Work is accomplished through a matrix of projects and work groups with direct reporting lines becoming blurry. Clear objectives and regular feedback is critical to a manager's ability to achieve results. The key to managerial success is effectively managing the people around you. A manager's first and greatest responsibility is to manage a team to reach the organization's goals.

What's a Manager To Do? Manage! outlines proven techniques to productively manage today's staff in an evolving environment. The workplace is changing and a managers' job has changed with it. New ways to meet the demands of an emerging workforce must be developed in order to effectively manage today's workers. This presentation also addresses issues of multi-generational expectations in the workplace.

Key Topics

This one-hour presentation will inspire and motivate your managers to welcome, accept and meet the challenges of managing today.