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"Now What Do I Do With Them?"

Orientation: The First Step in Employee Retention

Penguin Human Resource Consulting LLC

Orientation, or onboarding, is the first step in retention. Onboarding is far more than mere logistics. New hires do not fully commit to their new organizations for up to two months after starting. Orientation is the glue that cements the employment decision and confirms for the new hire that they have made the right decision. Today's new hires need more than just a paycheck to convince them to stay.

Now What Do I Do With Them? details the steps an organization can take to revitalize its orientation program to suit the needs of the organization and the expectations of today's incoming workforce. Employee integration is a critical part of the employee life cycle. Creating an orientation program that helps employees understand the culture of the organization and accelerates them toward productivity is central to their, and the organization's, success.

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