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"Virtually Speaking"

Effective Long Distance Communication

Penguin Human Resource Consulting LLC

Traditional meetings cost too much money. As organizations trim staff and fewer people are being asked to accomplish the same or more work, face-to-face meetings are becoming a luxury. Technology has given rise to the virtual meeting. People from around the globe or down the hall can participate with minimal interruption to their schedules. The downside of this advance is that too many people don't realize the etiquette of virtual meetings.

Virtually Speaking will introduce new ways to conduct meetings, to communicate, and to effectively accomplish your objectives. Detailing the responsibilities of the leader as well as the participants, this presentation will help your staff understand the impact of their actions and the extra steps necessary to ensure that even when meeting virtually, you're still getting your message across.

Key Topics

This interactive presentation will ensure that your organization effectively uses this time-saving, productivity inducing tool.